Un clásico de Ukhotjocks.com son las taquillas, son escenas sólo de los actores, un plus que realizan cuando ruedan con ellos. Una pajilla vamos. Pero Johannes Lars es uno de los chicos más sexy de Inglaterra, así que nos olvidaremos del efecto taquilla (que algunos actores licuan deformándolas para parecer más cachas).


Tall, blond and extremely boy Johannes takes the bench and chats to us about his life. He’s a local Manchester guy, we’ve seen him around for a while but couldn’t help but notice how hot he’d gotten lately! Broadening shoulders and really filling out, he’s a beautiful young man now. Shock of blonde hair, perfect skin and a bubble butt that just won’t quit, Johannes is a serious head turner. He’s a ballet dancer which explains his general poise and grace… we also tend to find that dancers are some of the filthiest boys around… it’s true!

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