La universidad no es ese sitio donde sólo se bebe, socializa y se tiene sexo. Si lo miramos de una forma seria, representa una oportunidad fabulosa de hacerte una carrera a cambio de unos años de trabajo duro. Chad Johnstone desea ser lo más responsable posible, pero por el camino se cruza con Mike Cole cuya trayectoria universitaria es más que cuestionable. Y eso, son buenas noticias para los que amamos a los universitarios dándose amor. Básicamente, por el culo,… y a pelo. En fin, que estos dos estudian medicina fijo.

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University life isn’t all about drinking, socialising and having sex. If adopted in a serious way it presents a young person with fabulous opportunities in return for a period of really hard work  and clearly Chad Johnstone is determined to be as studious as possible, given the fact that he’s reading text books in bed rather than just idling the time away. Unfortunately, Mike Cole ñ whose commitment to the scholarly life is self-evidently more questionable ñ has other ideas. That’s good news for those of us who want to see this pair of handsome young college boys rut like a couple of animals, however; and suffice it to report that it doesn’t take very long before their relatively innocent smooching has been eclipsed by a mindless desire to slurp on each other’s hard cocks. By which point, of course, any thought of cerebral exercise on the part of Johnstone has no doubt been totally erased from his memory; as the ever-horny student pushes Cole onto his side and thrusts that thick, meaty schlong of his deep into his mate’s tight little fuck-hole. From which point onwards, of course, the handsome Spaniard is like a dog in season; getting into a succession of positions for his long-dicked buddy so that he can savour every sweet inch of rock-hard man-meat to the max! No fucking wonder that his pucker is soon gaping wide open in response; and that his own shaft is soon yielding a fine wad of hot cream as he rides Johnstone like the total bitch we all know he is. Leaving the lad the final pleasure of stretching his mouth to breaking point, as he blows his mate to a much-deserved climax!

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