Nos encantan los making off de las películas porno gay, ahí es cuando se desvela la verdadera personalidad de los actores, y por tanto, contrastar si actúan o no cuando hacen porno. Además este Behind The Scene viene a cuento para contaros que Josh Moore se ha separado de Logan Moore… pero no pasa nada, la vida sigue. Les deseo lo mejor para los dos, lo que nos importa es el porno que hacen. menos que nos inundes de fotos de amor, pedida de mano incluida, y entonces cuando se rompe el amor…es normal que la gente opine. 

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Sharp Shooting! We had a bundle of fun producing this feature, it was the first movie to be shot in our brand new studio space and time was really against us! We went for a retro deconstructed, gentlemen’s lounge kinda feel. An perfectly normal concept to come up with! Then I (JP) put all the guys in crisp, new suits… and it just kind of worked! For me details like the shape of the patchy plasterwork/brickwork, coupled with the deerskin rug on a bright white floor, tied the whole thing together, in an almost cloud-like formation! I missed my calling as an interior designer, clearly. I also happened to be moving house at the time… so all of the furniture is actually mine! Anyway, enough about my excellent taste. The boys had a riot shooting this, porn boys don’t always have an excuse to wear a suit so it’s a bit of a novelty… and damn do they look good! They are models after all. Enjoyed watching us piece this one together, it was a movie of many factions, broken concepts with a hard dollop of style and scorching hot sex. Sharp as fuck!

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