Dani Robles, Dani Robles, Dani Robles…Dani Robles otra vez, llevamos unas semanas que no deja de estrenar escenas, con la novedad que esta semana se ha puesto un condón, no se vaya a resfriar. No sé muy bien si es que hay un challenge entre Viktor Rom, Ken Summers y él, para ver cuantas escenas ruedan a la semana. Que el tiempo pasa, lo sabemos, que uno se hace viejo enseguida, lo sabemos… pero que tanto de golpe empacha…. más que saberlo él, lo saben las productoras que lo contratan porque está en el alza. Pisa el freno un poco, es un consejo de amiga.

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OMCFG ( thats OMG with a couple of extra expletives ) cop and eyeful of these two Danny and Wade, as tall and broad as they are ripped and sexy, just add a very sexy, bristling beard, two huge sexual appetites and those oversized dicks and its gonna be scorching. Danny’s a 100% beef, dark and sexy, whilst Wade is a big, broad, nasty blonde, these guys are hard all over – is there anything sexier than a totally masculine guy lying back and quite obviously luving taking a dick in his arse. Danny suck Wade’s throbbing tool, he’s a total cock hound and know exactly what to do with a cock in his mouth, deep throating and teasing back the foreskin with his tongue and Wade obviously luvs the expertise because that cock is rigid! Wade bends his hunky co star over a ladder and opens him up with that hot meat, but he wants to see on Danny’s face just how much he luvs that cock, so they fuck face to face Wade drawing his dick out all the way just so he can thrust back inside an open him up all over again – mmmm nastylicious x

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