Nada mejor que dejar la llave dentro del coche y cerrar la puerta. A mi me pasó con un antiguo modelo de coche que tenía, afortunadamente ya no ocurre. El caso es que a Robin Moore le ha pasado, y encima lloviendo, que ya son dos desgracias en un día. Así que por lo menos, la suerte le ha sonreído, poniéndole en el camino a guapo de Max Carter que le ofrece pasar a su apartamento para secarle personalmente. Lo que no nos cuenta la escena, es que coño pasa con el coche, con la llave y si sigue lloviendo. Pero da igual. No te pierdas esta impresionante follada !

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Robin Moore isn’t having a great day having locked himself out of his car in the rain. Lucky for him Max Carter cums to the rescue offering a warm apartment and a hot mouth! This chance meeting explodes into an all american, blonde boy bang fest! Back at Max’s place Robin shows him how thankful he is with his perfect piece pointing north and directly down Max’s mouth. Dropping to his knees, Robin shows off his amazing cock sucking skills. Moore’s succulently smooth hole is too good to pass up and, as any red blooded beautiful blonde boy should, Max makes a gourmet meal out of it using his thick fingers and thirsty tongue. Having prepped his work place properly, Carter delivers his cock with a spanking or two along the way. Robin relaxes into the fuck and the labyrinth of positions his knight in shining armor plows upon him. Moore makes a pretty mess as he shoots his appreciation all over himself allowing his savior to follow with a hefty load. Triple AAA ain’t got shit on these two!

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