Newbie Calms An Angry Boxer With A Pert, Fresh Arse To Cream!

Los lunes van a ser para, y para los amantes de los niñatos, muchos de ellos, poco conocidos procedentes de países del este.

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Vitali Kutcher is an angry young man – or at least that’s definitely the case at the start of this boxing-inspired escapade with new boy, Pyotr Valentine. Not that Valentine has done anything to offend. No, Kutcher’s fury is directed at the unnamed buddy who’s gone and fucked his boyfriend behind his back; resulting in a splendid display of antagonism in the direction of his punchbag. In contrast, Valentine is clearly a reserved, thoughtful soul, who insists that his buddy gets ready for school and forgets all about the troubles in his life.

Cast: Vitali Kutcher, Pyotr Valentine

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