Una vez cada cierto tiempo surge un chaval que tienen el factor XXX del porno. Y Sean Ford, sin duda alguna es el nuevo chaval que lo peta en el porno. No os esforcéis, podréis hacer porno y ser más o menos famosos, pero algunos tienen tanta empatía con sus seguidores que es difícil llegar a ser como el. En España hemos tenido algún Sean Ford, pero por un motivo o por otro, se ha esfumado aún teniendo todo el potencial. Os acordáis de Valentino Ribas, pues el chaval tenía el factor XXX, pero decidió tomar otro rumbo en su vida…. 

Special guest director Colby Chambers takes the reigns in this football fantasy starring several horny Helix hotties. The sight of our boys in football jerseys is one big time boner bonanza! The guys are all team players even after the big game! All that ball tossing and ass slapping has the boys horned up and three star players are in need of a release. Hugely hung Corbin Colby and cocky Colton James are sucked off by sexy Sean Ford who looks more than a bit at home double fisting two cocks. Colby’s cock isn’t the only ample asset he possesses, the boy has a big ol’ booty and loves to have it licked. He finds out two tongues are better than one when both his buddies double team his beautiful bubble. Wet and ready, Corbin welcomes Colton’s condom free cock inside as Ford gets at his fuckable face. Sean’s sphincter needs a little love too; he plants his perfect pucker back where his cock just came from and gets cozy with Colby’s kisses. Knowing the kid is primed and ready, Colby climbs inside his hole with his gigantic pole. James jumps at the chance to complete the train and be the cock caboose continuing his love affair with Colby’s derriere. In keeping with the football fantasy, we even get treated to a few spankings along the way! Ford trades center with Colby, loving the attention at each end. These wide receivers have all played a great game and each one scores a sticky touchdown. Cum whore Colby takes TWO for the team, one in the face and a cream pie in the end zone!

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