Título sugerido : Esas taquillas me suenan

Y podríamos decir que últimamente Dani Robles nos suena mucho, porque no para. En el porno suelen pasar dos cosas, o todas las productoras sacan tus escenas a la vez porque no hay forma de que se pongan de acuerdo. O los actores graban todo lo que se les ofrece. Y entonces, ocurre como cuando abres la gaseosa, mucho gas de golpe, y luego…esperemos que Dani sepa cuantificar sus apariciones y no se sobre exponga. 

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Sam and Dani met some time ago in Rome, doing a live sex show in a big  dance club. Apparently it was quite a wild night! Dani is a vers/bottom guys and likes his men bigger, older and rough! Though being a versatile bottom guy his biggest ambition in porn is to be a dom fisting top in a scene! Maybe it’s the role reversal he likes the idea of?

Lacing up his bright blue trainers, hyper masculine Dani Robles flicks his eyes towards the camera. He’s tall, broad and hairy, a veritable Gaston! Running his hands over his sports gear, they soon make their way to his crotch, groping and gripping. Licking his fingers they then slide int the side of his shorts, teasing and tickling his cock head. The vest comes up and that big trail of fuzz is exposed, connecting his chest and cock. He teases his shorts down to reveal a very see-through, blue mesh jock strap, both showing off his assists and framing his arse perfectly. Then he starts sniffing his dirty socks as he takes them off his feet, this guy is a dirty animal… and we like that a lot! Slipping his underwear off and slipping his fingers inside his hairy fuck hole. He really starts to build up an incrementing pace, beating his cock and pleasuring his hole in perfect unison. Stroking and groaning harder, with more determination he takes a standing position and spurts out wad after wad of thick, long-rage-shooting cum!! It’s a serio

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