Lo han conseguido ! Han reunido a tres de mis actores favoritos en la misma escena! Que cabrones! Es mi sueño hecho realidad, aunque claro, para que fuera uno de mis sueños yo debería estar por ahí en medio, y como no me gustan los cuartetos no sabría a cual de los tres nominar. Que dilema! Yo por escenas así, pago! 

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In the dark hall of the ancient Roman baths lust knows know bounds, dirty-blond stud Ace Era stands between Tex Davidson and Teddy Torres. Sinking to his knees, Teddy wraps his lips around Tex’s massive cock. Tex thrusts his hips, driving his meat deep down Teddy’s throat and showing off his ripped torso. Ace takes Teddy’s place on his knees in front of Tex’s dick. As Tex and Teddy make out, Ace alternates between sucking each of their cocks. After fulfilling his oral obligations, Ace turns around and spreads his ass apart, and Teddy and Tex take turns eating Ace’s hole. With Ace’s ass ready for pounding, Tex steps up and rams his meat deep inside. Crouched in doggy style post, Ace moans and grunts as Tex gives him the ride of his life. Turning on his back, Ace jerks his cock as Tex pounds heavily against Ace’s prostate. Reaching the climax, Tex shoots his load across Ace’s dick and balls, and Ace simultaneously splatters his cum across his rippling torso.

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