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Básicamente esta escena trata de una perra que está cachonda, se mete en una página de contactos y se topa con Ryan Rose.

a)  Austin Carter tiene mucha suerte

b) Ryan Rose se lía con el primero que pilla

c) Si me pasa algo así en la vida real y me llega Ryan Rose, lo esperaría a 4 patas (y las luces apagadas claro)

Austin Carter executes a quick workout in his apartment, stripping off his shirt and flexing his muscles. Working out gets him horned up, so he picks up his tablet to see who’s out there. Seeing Ryan Rose puts a big smile on his face, so he sends him a message and invites him over. When Ryan arrives, Austin is waiting for him with his ass up. A smile flashes across Ryan’s face, and he immediately gets to rimming Austin’s tight hole. Austin rolls over and Ryan turns his attention to Austin’s rock hard cock. Ryan stands and pushes his cock towards Austin’s face, and Austin wraps his lips around Ryan’s enormous tool. With Austin eager to feel Ryan inside him, Ryan sits down on the couch, and Austin sits down on Ryan. As Ryan and Austin grind together, Ryan’s cock slides deeper and deeper into Austin’s tight butt. Ryan achieves a pile-driver position by having Austin rest his shoulders on the floor and his ass against the couch, then transitions to doggy style. After pounding Austin’s hole, Ryan points his cock at Austin’s face and ejaculates a massive load that drips down Austin’s cheekbone and into his open mouth. Austin sucks out the last drops of cum from Ryan’s cock as he strokes himself off onto the floor. 

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