Sex God Part 1
Allen King

Sex God Part 1

Cuidado con esta película dirigida…

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Raw Lesson

Raw Lesson

Aún no entendemos como Fuckermate…

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Seamos claros, cuando ves las fotos crees que es una escena de Staxus. Pues no, es de Spritzz, que es una mezcla rara de no se de que coño va. Porque un día te sacan a la Mickey Taylor y otro a niñatos como estos… Pero para amantes de los twink, parece que hay varias escenas de estas.


Imagine you had the opportunity to explore and enjoy the naked body of adorable blond twink Vasily Popov, would you be able to control yourself? Handsome young masseur Konstantin Vasin certainly can’t hold back when he finds the young man’s uncut cock throbbing and damp with precum, moments after starting the massage. He’s on that dick in a second, wanking and sucking his sexy customer and showing Vasily why his services are so popular. It seems the blond boy knew full well that a visit to this parlor would lead to a full servicing, and he doesn’t hold back either. With the masseur’s tight little rump licked and played with Vasily is soon impaling the young man on his impressive dick, giving the masseur a ride on his cock and then fucking him over the edge of the table until neither of these boys can stop their semen from spewing freely. With Konstantin made to cum over his smooth body Vasily pulls out to give the boy a creamy facial that has us all joining in.

Aún no entendemos como Fuckermate puede permitirse pagar el caché de un actor que ha ganado tantos premios estos últimos años, porque tiene que estar por las nubes. Así las cosas, el omni presente Viktor Rom vuelve a follarse un culo a pelo con su pollonazo y su arte. Le ha tocado ponerlo a Hans Berlin, el pobre, se ha tenido que ir bien servido. P.S. Muy chula la entrada del trailer !

This week our power top Viktor Rom delights the big ass of hunky American Hans Berlin with his gigantic dick. You know Viktor loves to dominate a good muscled bottom and when he puts Hans on his knees to taste and deep-throat the big juicy cock, the American loses all inhibitions and surrenders to his willing for an unforgettable raw session of hard sex.

Un clásico de son las taquillas, son escenas sólo de los actores, un plus que realizan cuando ruedan con ellos. Una pajilla vamos. Pero Johannes Lars es uno de los chicos más sexy de Inglaterra, así que nos olvidaremos del efecto taquilla (que algunos actores licuan deformándolas para parecer más cachas).


Tall, blond and extremely boy Johannes takes the bench and chats to us about his life. He’s a local Manchester guy, we’ve seen him around for a while but couldn’t help but notice how hot he’d gotten lately! Broadening shoulders and really filling out, he’s a beautiful young man now. Shock of blonde hair, perfect skin and a bubble butt that just won’t quit, Johannes is a serious head turner. He’s a ballet dancer which explains his general poise and grace… we also tend to find that dancers are some of the filthiest boys around… it’s true!

A ver si el título va a ser más largo que la descripción. Ah, pues si.

No, en serio, me encantan las pelis con chicos con gafas, me pone to burro, y en saben como ponerme to burro, y aunque algunos que otros actores tienen más leche en las venas que sangre, hay que destacar la calidad de las escenas.


You can’t help but get the slight impression that bespectacled beauty, Max Grey, is almost a little bit disappointed in his buddyís erection at the start of this top-notch encounter with Sivan Ozzi. Not that the young lad doesn’t enjoy the feel of his mate’s hard-on in his mouth as the two of them savour the delights of foreplay on the sofa together. But Ozzi’s burgeoning hardness does prevent his mate from making the most of all that delicious foreskin that he has wrapped around the end of his handsome joystick; and having clearly relished running his tongue playfully around Ozzi’s prepuce, Grey finally has to admit defeat and concentrate on giving a more conventional blowjob. That in turn soon develops into a dedicated session of ball worship, with Grey slobbering all over his mate’s nuts; before shifting his attention to Ozzi’s ass-hole, which he energetically rims for the camera like a long-term pro. It’s at this point that you would be forgiven for thinking that the lad is going to get his chance to stretch Ozziís well-worked ass with his own dick ñ which by this point has still yet to make an appearance! Instead, however, we find the lad promptly jumping onto Ozzi’s lap and riding the fellow’s cock with almost incredulous ease; signalling the start of a terrific set-piece that sees Grey fucked senseless in a succession of positions like some kind of backstreet hooker. All of which soon culminates in the lad dumping his wad mid-fuck; before returning to his knees to gobble on his mate’s rupturing bell-end, then exchanging a spunky smooch for a sensuous, snowballing finale!

¡ Uy ! Lo primero que hemos pensado al ver el título es que se trataba de una película Bareback…un poco extrañado que fuera en Men at Play, nos hemos lanzado a verla… Ok, no entendemos el título… “Mejilla desnuda”… Bueno, suponemos que el título es para cosas de SEO que no entendemos tampoco. A lo que vamos, Dato Foland interpreta a un fontanero al que Gabriel Lunna ha contratado, pero mientras está arreglando la tubería, Dato le sorprende sacándole fotos con el móvil de la hucha…No contento con que le pague en Libras…se lo folla.

Era ley de vida que estos dos chicos (Dani Robles & Hugo Castellano) coincidieran con traje y chaqueta en… pero pido por favor a quién se encargue de las corbatas… No… o sea… no… yo les presto alguna que no parezcan servilletas. ¿La escena? Ah muy bien !!! Es Menatplay…


Tigger y Dominique se conocieron el lobby de un Casino de Las Vegas, y no veíamos la hora de quedarnos en bolas. Tigger consigue ponerle dura a Dominique la polla con su boca, y Dominique se folla sin compasión el culito de Tigger en todas las posiciones en las que sus huevos puedan golpear sus nalga. Así es la historia, y así os la hemos contado.

Seguir a Tigger Red en su nueva cuenta de Twitter.

Tigger and Dominque met in the lobby of a Vegas Casino and couldn’t wait to get each other naked. Tigger blows Dominque’s big Spanish cock getting it nice and hard. Dominque fucks Tigger’s sweet pink hole in every position till he nuts on that sweet black ass.

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Carlos Fontana wrote to us about shooting with Tim. He wanted that massive cock to himself so badly. And I certainly can’t blame him. When he met Tim on my terrace, he started kissing him and felt that humongous cock grow. You should have seen his smile. He was like a kid in candy store. Carlos’ dick was hard the entire shoot. I guess he really loved every single minute of it 🙂

On a recent trip to San Francisco Rocco ran into one of his porn crushes Logan McCree. You might remember tatted Logan from when he was a Raging Stallion exclusive back in 2007. Lots of tats, shaved head, hot body. He took a long break from porn but after a little convincing Rocco got him to stop by his hotel room to give a massage which, of course, turned in to a WHOLE lot more. Logan is still fine as fuck and even after a long break from porn he still knew how to take a dick from both ends!

We got you one hell of an intense scene this Friday! Timtales Exclusive Jake Cook is taking the largest cock of his life. It was hard at first, but now he only craves more of it. Cristian Sam’s massive Argentinian cock expands new horizons of Jake’s courageous hole. These two really liked each other. They were so in sync. Passionately fucking under the warm sun and cold water. What a view! Enjoy our two alpha machos!

Ahhh ! Nos han jodido bien jodido, de buena mañana…. Ashton Summers y Ben Masters juntos ! Y con la debilidad que tenemos por los chicos con gafas ! UFFFF…….

Cuddled up at a cozy cabin in the woods, perfect couple Ashton Summers and Ben Masters are determined to make the most of this romantic get away. Without a worry in the world, the couple enjoy the fresh mountain air outside in the sunlight. The fresh air fires up their horny hormones, getting them aroused and anxious to enjoy natures other naughtier, girthy gifts. The mountain air has replenished Ben’s sucking power and he gets down to blowing Ashton’s ample appendage. Summers injects some spiciness with some salty schlong slapping to his boy’s beautiful face. Raw and raging hard from that excellent knob job, Summers gets Benny boy on the wooden table and aims his own hard wood at the boy’s bubble. Ashton annihilates Ben’s booty at every angle. He blasts the smooth sexpot’s butt legs in the air, then bent over the table, and finally with one leg in the up, balls swingin’ till Masters musters up a massively milky load that he lets loose everywhere. Summers just keeps on slamming cock and Ben is more than happy to take it. He rewards the boy’s raunchy resilience by raining down delicious liquid dick, frosting Ben’s booty with his top of the line lusty load.



Como son los de Helix Studio… son como la cantera del porno de mañana. De ahí han salido actores que ahora son verdaderas estrellas del porno gay.

Hot and heavy from the start, Cole Claire and Jeremy Price can’t keep their hands off each other’s tight young, tasty bodies. Clothes cum off in seconds. Jeremy grabs Cole’s perfectly plump, fuckable feast of an ass then spins the power bottom around, anxious to get inside. Before bending our boy over, Jeremy gives the kid the reach around cause Cole’s cock is just as yummy as that hot little hole. Bare back and boned up, Price plows Cole’s canal hard and fast. Price order’s the boy on top for a raw ride, drills him with dick and slaps his peaches and cream cheeks till they’re a perfect pink. Man handling him with one hand, Price flips pretty boy onto his back and bones the boy balls deep. The platinum blond, titanium top terrorizes Cole’s tight tush while holding him by the ankles and soon by the throat. Cole’s toes start to curl, and he grabs his perfect piece. He milks his thick dick dry just as Jeremy pulls out to mix in his massive load.

Quien no ha querido alguna vez formar parte de esta fraternidad… Ahora puedes ver lo que hacen estos gamberros que cuando les apetece suben una nueva actualización para pagarse sus cervezas.

Was relaxing with my bros. Picking on the new kid. Yo this dude can suck a golf ball through a garden hose. Get over here bitch and suck my dick! Time to update the site. We need money for buds.